Friday, 21 October 2011

(DON'T) Sell your dissertation!

No - DON'T!

The following reasons why you should NOT sell your work are outlined here
SHU 2001 Intellectual property policy [online] available from
[accessed 21/10/2011 and subject to change]

"Students are treated in a similar manner to staff in respect of ... ownership and management of IPR created while a registered student at the institution. By virtue of the University's Student Terms and Conditions in force from time to time, the University shall take assignment of ownership of IPR generated... [where work is]... created by a Student of the University as part of an assessment procedure, whether formal or informal, pursuant to their selected programme of study... the physical article may be returned to the Student, while the underlying IP remains with the University."

In effect SELLING YOUR DISSERTATION is in breach of the Intellectual Property Rights of the University you studied for - as well as being a REALLY BAD IDEA since you will be held resposible for the supply in the event that someone uses it to cheat. This may mean YOU loosing your degree [this can be done for severe breaches of academic conduct].

From the SHU Rules and regulations site;
"Collusion: this is where a student undertakes work with others, without
acknowledgement, e.g.
 knowingly permits another student to copy all "

AND ALSO NOTE (from SHU Rules and Regulations site)
"Cases of alleged cheating identified after work has been formally assessed and/or after an award has been conferred will be investigated in accordance with the above procedures and may result in a reconsideration of a decision previously taken. This may lead to the withdrawal of an award or the award of credit that has already been conferred."