Friday, 23 September 2011

Databases for Management topics

Emerald -

Ingenta -

Zetoc -

Sconul - for occasional use of other libraries

SCONUL operates various cooperative schemes to help users of one library make occasional use of another. The list below will show you if you might benefit. (Some schemes listed are not actually run by SCONUL but include many of our member libraries.)

Government Reports UK

DirectGov website

Evaluating currency of Web sites


Full tutorials on evaluating web sites based on key areas

Diagram 'Graphic representation of Key Ideas' from Ohio State University 2008

Ohio State University 2008 OSU Libraries Evaluating Web Sites. [online] [last accessed 23/9/2011] net.TUTOR © 1997-2008, The Ohio State University Libraries

Lecturer Musings

We are almost ready to run with the 2011/12 lecture series. All around me are heaps of course booklets and lecture notes.

I'm already fielding e-mails from keen students - but I appreciate for many that the first few weeks are pretty tough!

The way that my Dissertation module runs here at SHU means that the first few weeks give students time to firm up a project idea, doing some literature searching and getting some guidance from me before they get their supervision tutors. It makes it a pretty hectic first month for me - but it pays back dividends for students and supervisor staff over the 2 semesters and seems to work!

I'll be covering the general reseach skills and setting weekly targets to try and keep everyone to schedule for the proposal side of the work at least... and in my copious spare time (!) I will be continuing to work on the book.. more news here as it heads towards v0.1!

My aim for lectures this year (I try and improve something each time)
"I am going to try and be an extra 10% more inspirational this year than last year!"
Let me know if I suceeded :)